Flash Fiction

Hobie Anthony, author and MFA, is offering flash fiction workshops starting April 29, 2013. These 16-week workshops will cover four separate approaches to flash fiction as well as taking a look at published works from a craft perspective.

Students will improve their creative writing abilities through weekly deadlines. Each piece will receive expert attention and a constructive critique.

Writers of all stripe are encourage to sign up. Poets may find this an opportunity to branch into prose and long-form writers may appreciate the challenge of creating a whole piece in under 1000 words.

While the focus here is on fiction, creative nonfiction is also welcome. Any and all genres can benefit, too.

My general view on flash fiction can be read here.

Corporate and technical writers will appreciate the opportunity to explore their creative abilities. Learning to craft a piece of creative prose will offer lessons which translate easily to other forms of writing.

Please use the contact form on this site to learn more.

Cost: $400 payable by check, money order, or paypal

Sessions starting on a rolling basis. Contact me for more information!

Required Reading:

Sudden Fiction, Shapard, Robert and Thomas, James, eds., p. 241; Published by Gibbs   M. Smith, Inc.,1986

Recommended Reading:

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction