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A Flash Fiction and Short Story Chapbook


Download, Blackout, a chapbook of stories about the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave. This e-book includes three full-length short stories and three flash fictions related to that historic event. That heat wave set a precedent for large urban areas and how they handle heat-related disasters, a growing phenomenon as global warming increases.

Each of these stories has been published by a reputable journal either online or in print. The story, “Heat Island,” has been compared to James Joyce’s, “The Dead,” by an acclaimed author and the other stories have been warmly received for their rich characters and excellent writing. If you like the stories and feel they are worth money, please feel free to name your price and donate via the paypal button below. The stories are:

  1. High Rise – originally appeared in Prime Number
  2. Heat Island – originally appeared in Crate
  3. Cooler by the Lake – originally appeared in Atticus Review
  4. The Last Man to Ever Let You Down – originally appeared in R.kv.r.y
  5. It’s Next Door – originally appeared in Apparatus Magazine
  6. Shagging Flies – originally appeared in Palimpsest

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